My love for clothing labels

Clothing labels are one of my passions.

I’ve never been a collector and I just decided it is time to start. After all, I do design clothing labels every day, for small to medium size businesses, startups, crafters and hobbiest from all over the US and beyond.

I decided to take pictures of clothing and apparel labels from the items around my house, in order to provide ideas for those who aren’t sure of what they should about their own labels, by seeing what other people are doing, from the big guys down.

I hope this makes sense for someone besides me, and maybe someone can benefit from this collection.

BTW, if you want your clothing label to show up here, send me the label and/or a picture of the label being applied to your clothing or apparel item.


One thought on “My love for clothing labels

  1. Thank you for your comment in my blog.
    I think you have fabulous idea. You have no idea (or maybe you have;)) how many crafters can benefit from this collection.
    I will be happy if you include my label in your collection! ***Jeeessssss******!!!!!
    ragards LillySmuul

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