How to Design your Custom Clothing Label?

When designing a woven or clothing label there are some variables that a company should take into consideration in order to get the labels done. Even if you’re doing them with a graphic designer you may have the following information in mind to make the process easier.

1.    Font size and type
2.    Size (Including sewing margin)
3.    Colors
4.    Fold
5.    Sewing Allowance

To learn more details please visit Clothing Labels Design Help

Other important decision that designers or any one who wants to make custom clothing labels need to think about, it’s to choose between embroidered or woven labels.

In the woven label, the design is woven from threads, creating a one-piece product, making it more durable, and a more polished finish that reflects in a more professional look comparing with embroidered labels. For more information go to Woven vs. Embroidered Labels


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