Why do you Need a Permanent Woven Label Attached To your Crafts or Artwork?

Many of our customers are crafters and today we want to talk about the importance of having your products labeled.

Having a permanent label in your craft or artwork will make your customers to remember your brand and also it will allow them to find you if they want to buy again.

Imagine this scenario, you sell a beautiful decoration item to a customer during a fair in September. She exhibits your art in her house and many of her friends ask about it: Where did she get it? or Where they can get something similar? And the only answer she has is “Oh, I bought it in a festival from a very nice woman but sorry I don’t know how you can contact her”

Or maybe it’s Christmas time and the same woman who bought your products needs some Christmas decoration for her house. She loves your craft but unfortunately she doesn’t remember where she left your business card.

Sounds familiar? Well, these are some of the reasons why you need a permanent label attached to your products.

Printed labels are great but, they will fade out with some washing. The best way to ensure your design will stay until your product is ready to be thrown out is a Woven Label, preferably a Damask one.

Talking about Marketing, today I would also like to introduce a very important concept: Brand Awareness.

Brand Awareness similar to Brand Recall refers to consumers’ knowledge of a brand’s existence and the degree to which a brand is associated with a particular product or product category. Many studies have shown that Brand Awareness has influence on buying behavior, people are more willing to buy from brands that they know or remember more.

Therefore, besides getting more sales for your business, having a custom clothing label in your work will increase your Brand Awareness due to your customers being more exposed to your name and slogan over the time.

Well, that’s all for today’s post. Hope you find it enjoyable and more important useful!


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