Our Clothing Size Tags

Do you sell handmade clothing or accessories? If so, you may probably need to think about labels.


If you have a logo, a good marketing practice is to have a Custom Clothing Label with your name. On the other hand, by law you should include information about the origin, content and care of your products on an attached label.


We suggest to go online to the US Federal Trade Commission to know if the regulations are applicable to your products and if that’s the case what information you would need to declare.


For today’s post, we would like to talk about Clothing Size Tags. Regardless of everything else, if you carry different sizes you definitively need to attach a size tag to your creations because that is a basic information that your customers need to know when buying.


There’re three options when thinking about Size Tags for Clothing:
1. Do them by yourself
2. Get a label crafter to do them for you
3. Have your size labels manufactured


To have your size labels manufactured is not as expensive as you may think and it’s really easy and convenient. You can buy online and have them shipped in 2 or 3 days.


We believe you need to focus in your designs and in promoting them. Have your labels done by a professional company and save some time and headaches!


Our online store offers Size Labels at affordable prices. They are woven in damask in black on a white background. and can be shipped in 1 or 2 day.


At this moment, we are offering two promotional packages:


  • 100 Size Tags for $ 5.00 + shipping
  • 1000 Size Tags for $ 30.00 + shipping

Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL


For your convenience, when buying the 1000 tags package you can do a combination of all available sizes in 100 pieces increments.


So, don’t wait any longer and get our Clothing Size Tags to be used in your next collection or project.


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