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When looking for a custom unit patch, you might find out there are a few options available to you, but you don’t really care about them, all you really want is an awesome looking patch, at a good price, that will represent your unit in its best possible way, for years to come.
Read the article above and see for yourself how different the final product will be when you choose either option.


Whether the reason is branding, membership, marketing or simply conforming to regulations, dojo and team patches have always being used in martial arts programs, no matter which discipline is being used for.
If you are the person in charge of ordering these custom patches, you might be facing the question: do you want them embroidered or woven? And in all honesty, no many people have even noticed the difference between these two manufacturing options until someone points it out.
Read the article above and discover why do we recommend the woven method for martial arts patches, and how they can help you make your patches look great.


When a clothing designer decides to create a swimwear line, it is often faced with the question of:
What are my options for branding my line correctly?
Read the article and your will find out about the 3 choices in labeling your swimwear line.


Looking to create a fabulous PVC label for your product, and using a transparent background?
Look no further… Give us a call 1.888.720.2115 and get start with your custom pvc labels project today!


Read along and find out how you can also use woven damask labels and woven ribbon tape to create a full branding package for your product…


Questions, questions, questions… We all have them. Especially when ordering a new product with so many possibilities.

What fonts should I use?
What size should my label be?
What are fold and why do I need them?
How big my sewing allowance should be?
What are the best colors for my project: matte, satin, metallic?

We compiled information that will answer these and hopefully many other questions you might have.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you might have…
Give us a call 1.888.720.2115


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